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Would your business survive a major event?

2011 ROTARY FORUM: Over the past 12 months we have witnessed major disasters here in New Zealand and overseas - the Canterbury earthquake and the Tsunami in Japan. While the main focus of the media is on survivor stories at a personal level, there are also very serious consequences at business and organisation level when these events occur.

For organisations to survive a major interruption to their activities, it is essential for business and community leaders to assess the key potential risks to their business, possible impacts, and options for ensuring that the organisation is sustainable.


The Rotary Club of Wellington, in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington co-hosted this major one day conference in Wellington on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.


Is Wellington ready for the big one - lessons from the Canterbury earthquakes

Report from the Rotary Forum of 18 October, 2011. Read it here.




Building resilience before the event

Restoring confidence and effectiveness

Leading people after the event

Rebuilding our future: is an earthquake required?

Conference Summary: lessons for Wellington


The focus in all sessions was around strategic issues for business, government, NGO and community organisations to help them learn the lessons from Canterbury so they can better prepare, respond and rejuvenate in a turbulent world. The conference was targeted at chief executives and senior managers with responsibility for organisational health and outcomes, service delivery, direction and planning, people and resources.

17 experts and leaders presented, starting from top left: Dr Alan Bollard, Allan Freeth, Dr Helen Anderson, Margaret Jeffries, Dave Middleton, Peter Townsend, Jacki Johnson, Steve Brazier(did not present on the day), Bill Butzbach, Geoff Bascand, Charles Waldegrave,  Richard Ballantyne, Professor Bruce Glavovic, Colin James, Ian Athfield, Roger Sutton and Fran Wilde.


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