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Kia ora koutou

Thank you for attending the Rotary Club of Wellington 2017 Forum: "Achieving the 'Impossible Dream' for Wellington: the city and  region" on 1 August 2017.

We have had some great feedback from the participants at the Forum. People found our twelve speakers inspiring. There was a great energy and buzz amongst the 200 people who crammed into the St James Theatre foyer.  Thank you to those 15 people who did your 1 minute pitches. And thank you to those who have shared your 'Impossible Dreams' for Wellington on the whiteboard on the day, on our Forum blog site and  on social media.  

I encourage you to have a look on our blog.

DK has kindly re-recorded his presentation. It can be viewed here.

Our blog also has speech notes from Deputy PM Hon. Paula BennettTui Te HauStacey Shortall and Patrick Morgan. As well there is  Helen Algar'ssummary of themes from the Forum, Hannah Wignall's advance interviews of some key Wellingtonians, and the excellent article by reporter Brad Flahive on Stuff and the Dompost on Saturday 5 August.

Our Forum committee met on Monday for a debrief on the Forum and to start work on the 'Dream Implementation' Plan.

The 'Impossible Dreams' below are exciting opportunities to deliver on the challenge of the Forum: "What would it take to make Wellington: the city and region, the best in the world?" 

To implement these dreams will require collaborative action involving councils, iwi, government agencies, business, and community organisations. The Rotary Club of Wellington would not want to duplicate or undermine existing projects or processes, but could provide a facilitating role to bring parties together to help implement the 'Impossible Dreams'.

We want you to tell us what the impossible dream you are going to tackle is?


We invite you to indicate if you would like to contribute some energy and time to a collaborative project to implement any of the following 'Impossible Dreams'. If so, please reply to this email and let us know which 'Impossible Dream' you are interested in to be a leader and/or member of a project team.

The following are 'Impossible Dreams' that we heard on the day. We are not putting names alongside particular dreams, because many were common to several speakers. They are roughly in the order they came out on the day. If your dream isn't covered by any of those below, and you are prepared to lead or be a member of a team to implement your dream, please say so by reply to this email and we will add it to the list:

  1. We will eradicate homelessness in Wellington
  2. Wellington will be the first city to have nobody on the unemployment benefit
  3. Creative Welly
  4. Wellington will embrace technology and innovation as key enablers for social, cultural and economic reform.
  5. Wellington city and region will be a magnet for the planet's creative talent
  6. Wellington will be the Te Reo capital of New Zealand
  7. Wellington will have the world's best ethically aware, socially conscious consumers of fashion
  8. Vulnerable people won't have to turn somersaults to get the support they are entitled to
  9. We can all answer positively the question "Who did you help today?"
  10. Wellington will be the 'opposite of loneliness'
  11. Wellington will embrace its weather with more indoor outdoor spaces, a greener 'hairy' city, a place for people with pedestrianised streets, and better connected with rapid transit to the airport
  12. Wellington will be designed as a safe place for children to walk to the dairy, and we will keep our wild spaces where children can take risks
  13. Wellington will be the most accessible little capital in the world
  14. Improve Oriental Bay by creating a breakwater at the eastern end of the beach and a new west-facing beach
  15. Student-friendly Wellington with affordable public transport and housing
  16. A city focused on climate change, with major reduction in emissions and preparing for impacts.
  17. A city of opportunity for the young (in a world dominated by the self-interest of the old)
  18. Congestion-free Wellington
  19. Walkable, vehicle-free  CBD with zero emissions trolley buses, and a fast light rail spine to the eastern and southern suburbs
  20. Thriving wildlife in the heart of the city
  21. A bigger pot of philanthropic funding to super-charge implementing these 'Impossible Dreams'


The Rotary Club of Wellington has limited resources to facilitate this process, and looks to strong leadership and support coming from agencies and people who have passion, knowledge and skills in particular areas.

We look forward to hearing back from you if you are prepared to 'put your hand up' for 'Dream Implementation'.

Ngā mihi nui

Roger Blakeley
Chair, Rotary Club of Wellington 2017 Forum: "Achieving 'Impossible Dreams' for Wellington: the city and region"

We've had the Forum and discussed our dreams. Now let's implement them.

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