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Having listened to some fantastic speakers yesterday and all with some considerable visions.  One thing I notice, like many in the audience was that all the visions are conceptually consistent.  In this, I can't help but dwell on the question - if the vision is so consistent across all the speakers - what are we missing?  If we are all thinking the same - what is the 'different' we need?  Or do we?

Tui Te Hau used the quote 'we don't inherit from our ancestors, we borrow from our children' - but do we truly know what future to leave them?

Our children have never been more connected from the world our generation knows than ever before, yet are socially more connected than we ever were.   They are already living in a world we don't know and, sometimes, understand.  They are producing and presenting content for one another away from the mainstream channels along with discussing and forming their own digital world which is quickly shaping the physical one and changing everything we do.

So I wonder if the real question when we imagine a future Wellington is:

'What do our youth imagine?'

Realising that they live in this world and have the world as theirs - as a survivor of mental health - I see rising and rampant youth suicide and mental health challenges and can't help but wonder what are they not getting? What exists today that shouldn't? My vision is one where all, especially the youth, believe tomorrow will be better than today.  Not comparing ourselves to other cities or countries - but comparing our tomorrow to our today.  Comparing ourself with ourself.

I believe we are simply the constructors of this future world, the enablers.  But the youth should be the architects.  

When imagining a future Wellington are my generation and older limited in our vision of would could, even should, be? How do we ensure the youth are engaged to define and shape their vision?

If we asked the question of our youth - how would they describe the future Wellington they want?  Would their vision match ours?  Who's is more pertinent?

Rotary Forum Reflection

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