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Impossible Dreams for Wellington will challenge 12 speakers at Rotary Forum 2018

MEDIA RELEASE: 23 July 2018

Now in its seventh highly successful year, Rotary Forum 2018 promises to uncover the big ideas that will provoke and inspire the future of Wellington – city and region.

Twelve speakers, young and old, have been hand-picked to choose their own topic and answer a simple question: what is your impossible dream for Wellington? We are seeking their thought-provoking ideas to super-charge the future of our city and region.

Hosted by the Rotary Club of Wellington in partnership with Victoria University - Centre for Lifetime Learning, Rotary spokesperson Lynda Carroll says the forum, on 23 August, is a must to attend for those who want to be inspired to create the future Wellington of their dreams.

“Twelve disruptors and dreamers have been challenged and their mission is to detonate powerful ideas,” Ms Carroll says. “We believe the more people engaged in the conversation on the future of our city and region, the better the decisions will be.

“Our future cannot be left only in the hands of planners and politicians, nor would they want that responsibility. So let’s get together, have the conversation and identify the actions we want to take to start shaping our future.”

The highly successful Rotary Forum 2017 began the challenge of identifying ‘Impossible Dreams’ for Wellington. This year’s Forum promises even more. Twelve new speakers – deep thinkers with inspiring ideas – will be ready to sow the seeds of collaborative action for Wellington.

“We are encouraging businesses to sponsor young people or people from not-for-profit organisations so we can have a genuinely diverse audience that will bring about challenging and constructive discussion and debate on the future of our city and region. Between us we can think about actions we can take to get there, so I would like to encourage people to register and be part of that conversation.”

Speakers include Hon Grant Robertson, nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson, sustainability consultant Nick Morrison, former Mayor and MP Georgina Beyer, Engineering NZ CEO Susan Freeman-Greene, justice reformer Kim Workman, student Peter McKenzie and six more, plus ideas-bomb contributions from 10 inspired citizens.

The half-day Rotary Forum 2018 starts at midday on Thursday 23 August at the Michael Fowler Centre (Renouf Foyer). The full programme and registration is available at


Rotary Club of Wellington

Media contact: Lynda Carroll

Mobile: 021 272 3622


Media are welcome to attend. To register your interest please contact Lynda Carroll (above) or

Fraser Carson, Flightdec, PHONE 04 499 4938 or 021 669 101 or


Rotary Forum 2018: the seventh annual forum: a partnership between the Rotary Club of Wellington and Victoria University of Wellington – Centre for Lifelong Learning.

See all the speakers here.


Impossible Dreams for Wellington: city and the region.

‘Impossible Dreams’ follows the highly successful Rotary Forum 2017: Achieving the Impossible Dream for Wellington: the city and the region.




Presented by the Rotary Club of Wellington in partnership 
with Victoria University of Wellington - Centre for Lifelong Learning.


Impossible Dreams for Wellington will challenge 12 speakers at Rotary Forum 2018

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