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A Rotary Forum Interactive Dialogue

21 OCTOBER 2016

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Wellington is a vibrant city and we are proud to live in here. The Good to Great 2016 forum is an exciting opportunity for Wellingtonians.

Established and emerging leaders will debate the future of our city and provide Wellingtonians the opportunity to engage in a special programme guaranteed to spark thought and passion. The 2016 Good to Great Forum asks you in participate in the conversation.

Futurists, politicians, NGO’s, connectors and business leaders are amongst 12 top rated speakers and international thought leaders who will debate the future of our city.

Globally, the most influential meetings are not measured by their agenda or even the speaker’s content. Influence is measured by the active engagement and willing participation of those who attend.

This event is about you as Wellingtonians and we invite you to have a serious and thought provoking conversation about the future of our city.

Michael Fowler Centre,
111 Wakefield St, Wellington.

  • Waged: $140.00

  • Un-Waged: $70.00
    Student: $50

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Presented by the Rotary Club of Wellington in partnership
with Victoria University of Wellington.

Rotary Forum Tuesday, 31 May 2016

What kind of world exists between the shadows of threat, and our right to personal privacy and national security? How much do we know - or should know – and can citizens trust authorities and global corporations to make the rules for us? READ MORE.

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