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‘My take-a-way from the Rotary Forum was that impossible dreams are more likely to become a reality if Wellington is successful in attracting the very best talent to live and work in the City.

Research shows that organisations focused on health and fitness are valued by people and are attractive to talented individuals seeking to advance their career.

All around the World more and more Civic leaders are making their citizens’ well-being a higher priority and are focusing on improving the health and fitness of their residents. This enhances the status of their Cities and encourages more people to want to come and live and work in a place that not only cares about the health of its citizens, but offers free motivational and fun filled health and fitness programmes for their benefit.

From 2008 until recently a group of imaginative Personal Trainers with support from the Wellington City Council ran free weekly lunch time exercise sessions for a 6 week period at Frank Kitts Park as part of the Summer City program. Although publicity was minimal up to 250 office workers participated in each exercise session. Such was the success of the program attendees pleaded for it to continue throughout the year. Limited finances and the absence of ongoing Council support prohibited this from happening but the reaction from participants nevertheless demonstrated that there is considerable interest in such programs.

The price of an ongoing City Council sponsored health and fitness program for its residents would be minimal and the benefits for the City could far outweigh the cost.’

Attracting the very best talent to live and work in the City

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