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Presentation notes from Patrick Morgan, Rotary Forum 1 August 2017

Wellington is at cross roads. Do we want to be a big city, or will we let Auckland eat our lunch?

Unless we change direction, in a few years it will be Aucklanders complaining about the terrible traffic in Wellington.

What is my impossible dream? A congestion-free Wellington

It's time to turn the corner and put Wellington back on track.

That means modern, clean and comfortable transport, such as light rail.

What's the first rule of holes?

Do we want a motorway bulldozed through our city, or investment in great public transport, walking, cycling and public spaces?
Let's start by making Wellington's Golden Mile the best urban space in New Zealand.

"When you design a city for cars it fails for all, including drivers. When you design a multimodal city it works for all, including drivers."

A tale of Two cities

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