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Nick Morrison

Passionate, curious, kind


My Forum Pitch 

Imagine a city with no waste and perfectly clean streets. Imagine a city that feeds itself on an abundance of cheap organic produce, grown in the city. And imagine a city with heatlhy connected communites free of diet related illnesses living in harmony with the natural world.

Former pilates trainer to the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Jemima Kahn and Tamara Ecclestone while living in London. Now co founder of "Bags Not", the behavioural change campaign to solve plastic pollution in New Zealand, and founder of Go Well Consulting, my own sustainability consulting business. I'm driven to lead and influence New Zealand to become a world leader in the transition to a circular economy and sustianabile way of living.


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Impossible Dreams for Wellington: city and the region.

‘Impossible Dreams’ follows the highly successful Rotary Forum 2017: Achieving the Impossible Dream for Wellington: the city and the region.




Presented by the Rotary Club of Wellington in partnership 
with Victoria University of Wellington - Centre for Lifelong Learning.


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