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Eric Janssen

Skydiver with vertigo


My Forum Pitch

MJGA - Make Journalism Great Again. Why fake news needs to be trumped.

A bit of an international man of mystery, I was born in the Netherlands, raised in South Africa, lived a crazy life in London, and followed my Kiwi wife to Wellington where we now live the dream with our gorgeous 9yo daughter. Fell into journalism by chance, and have loved the craft ever since, an ever-changing landscape notwithstanding. Progressed from cub reporter to now being editor of the Dominion Post. Still hope to one day combine my cooking skills with love for travel and foreign cultures.

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Impossible Dreams for Wellington: city and the region.

‘Impossible Dreams’ follows the highly successful Rotary Forum 2017: Achieving the Impossible Dream for Wellington: the city and the region.




Presented by the Rotary Club of Wellington in partnership 
with Victoria University of Wellington - Centre for Lifelong Learning.


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