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Jaye Glam Morgan

I am glam 


My Forum Pitch

I will be bringing back fashion to the capital because that’s where it belongs.

Having worked for many years as a professional Stylist in the Fashion industry I am always looking for ways to feed back motivational support into the industry. I am heavily involved with a community initiative called Project Fashion Wellington which provides mentorship to emerging fashion designers, providing an invaluable, solid entree into a highly competitive industry. Nurturing these young people, some of whom identify as LGBTI, is a great passion of mine. This project is supported by the Wellington City Council and due to my involvement, has this year managed to pull together an incredible mentorship board, doyens of the industry, a former Miss New Zealand and many other passionate supporters of LGBTI youth.

Whilst I am currently working full time at Goodness Boutique and as a freelance Stylist I have dedicated every spare moment I have to facilitating these young people into their own businesses. This project takes a very hands on approach and our 6 designers have me on call 24/7 to guide and support them through what can be an extremely strenuous and stressful 3 month process.
In addition to my mentorship role I am the Producer of all Catwalk shows for Project Fashion Wellington, always working to present a highly professional and polished showcase for the designers, and using all my resources and contacts to give them the best possible launch into the industry.
As a Pasifica Trans Woman I understand the challenges facing takatapui and LGBTI youth in our community. Having come to Wellington from small town Hawkes Bay I have a particular insight into the various challenges that face queer bodies who wish to lead productive and happy lives in a world that in 2018, still often seeks to marginalise their contributions.

I am an advocate for many queer individuals in Wellington, and take a personal interest in the lives of the LGBTI youth I am in contact with. For example, providing connections and opportunities within the fashion industry for Trans models. The PFW 2017 featured several of these incredible young people, all who have gone on to book further work in their chosen field.
My work on Maori Television as Fashion Commentator has been a real joy and with this and the broad range of jobs under my belt I am living proof that Trans people can smash through perceived employment barriers. Whilst employment in the media is a gift that that my hard work in other areas has naturally lead to, I have also worked at a MAC counter, hairstylists, as a front of house waitperson, and a professional Makeup artist. I have never taken no for an answer if I want something, and I believe I am a great example of how any body can have access to any career they desire if they work hard.
Having strength in my identity since I was a child I am fierce in imparting my uncompromising approach to celebrating yourself. Through my work in the community I will continue to support and encourage those I come into contact with, to aid in producing strong and flourishing LGBTI bodies, proud and unafraid to seize life in the way they see it for themselves.

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Impossible Dreams for Wellington: city and the region.

‘Impossible Dreams’ follows the highly successful Rotary Forum 2017: Achieving the Impossible Dream for Wellington: the city and the region.




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